Reusable Gift Wrapping Idea

Gifts Wrapped in Kitchen Towels, Reusable Gift Wrapping

I’m always on the lookout for reusable gift wrapping ideas. One of my favorite ways to wrap gifts is using kitchen towels. There are so many beautiful towels available and gifts look great wrapped in them. It’s nice to present food-related gifts, such as jams or homemade jars of granola, this way.

I usually buy kitchen towels when they are on sale and put them away for future gift giving. This year I discovered Trader Joe’s Cotton Kitchen Towels. According to their label, the towels are traditional Tunisian “fouta” towels that are extremely absorbent and become softer the more that you wash them. Each package includes 3 towels and costs about $6.00. The towels come in several colors.


Supplies Needed for Wrapping Gifts in Kitchen Towels, Reusable Gift Wrapping

  • Kitchen Towels
  • Ribbon
  • Tags
  • Scissors


Open a towel and lay it out on a flat surface with the folded hem side facing up.

How to Wrap Gifts in Kitchen Towels Step One Lay Towel Flat, Reusable Gift Wrapping

Put the gift item in the center of the towel.

Starting with the short front and back sides of the towel (from the center of the towel), pull the towel edges up over the top of the gift. Hold those pieces with one hand. Take one of the corners and pull it up over the short part of the towel, hiding the short section. Do that 3 more times with the other corners of the towel. The shorter sections of the towel should be covered. Gather the towel tightly at the top of the gift. It will look similar to the next photo.

How to Wrap Gifts in Kitchen Towels Step Two Sides Pulled Up, Reusable Gift Wrapping

Label your gift tag and pull it over one end of the ribbon. Wrap the ribbon around the bundle as close to the top of the gift as you can and tie a big bow.

Tip: If you have trouble keeping the towel in place while you are wrapping the ribbon, you can use a rubber band to secure it and then add the ribbon.

How to Wrap Gifts in Kitchen Towels Step Three Tie Ribbon, Reusable Gift Wrapping

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