It’s the weekend!

Small boat moored in Mystic Harbor, It's the weekend! Number 36

Hello February!

We’re going to my husband’s company post-holiday party tomorrow night and watching football on Sunday. I think having a party after the holidays are over is a great idea!

What’s up for your weekend? I hope that you have a good one!

  • Food for Soul is coming to the United States. What a great organization!
  • Here’s how some sports fans cope when they don’t agree with their beloved team’s politics. #AGoodGame.
  • I made this Split Pea Soup and I’m really looking forward to the leftovers.
    For a vegetarian split pea soup, this recipe from the original Moosewood Cookbook is delicious.
  • Serve this Coeur à la Crème with Roasted Strawberry Sauce at your next party and your guests will thank you.
  • The heck with all of the negativity about stretch marks. It’s time to embrace them.
  • Have you noticed that Le Creuset pots come with two different types of knobs and wondered what is the difference between them? The classic black phenolic knob is oven-safe up to 375°F; the stainless steel knob is safe at any oven temperature.
    I need some of the stainless steel knobs.
  • Cool new word for me—seen on someone’s Facebook profile:
    Coddiwomple (v.) Origin: English Slang Word. Definition: To travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.
    I hope that I have the chance to coddiwomple to some beautiful beach destination. (Please do not suggest specific beach destinations in your comments.)
  • I liked Joy the Baker’s post 10 Things I’ve Learned in 10 Years of Blogging. Here are a couple of my favorites:
    • There is no straight line to a dream.  Sometimes, in all honesty, you don’t even know what your dream is until you’re halfway down a road.  Persistence. There’s a lot to be said for just keeping on with a thing: persistence. 
    • Don’t believe the hype or the nastiness. There is plenty of both if you pay enough attention.  I keep my eye on the prize and the prize is actually the process.
  • Speaking of Joy the Baker, you might want to make her Cinnamon Roll King Cake to celebrate Mardi Gras.
  • Good stuff: I’m late to the game on this one, but looking forward to catching up with Upworthy’s 31 Days of Happiness. I may try to read an entry each day to stretch out the joy.

About the photo: A small boat moored in the harbor in Mystic, Connecticut.

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