A Capella Music on Martha’s Vineyard

Are you heading to Martha’s Vineyard for a summer vacation and hoping to hear some music while you are there?

Most of us dream of lazy summer vacations filled with trips to the beach, hanging out in the hammock and sipping rosé while we cook fish or steak on the grill. After a few days of being in lazy vacation mode, we often start looking for other entertainment options — like going out to hear some music.

Summers on Martha’s Vineyard offer lots of musical entertainment options, ranging from live bands in clubs, concerts at the Old Whaling Church, The Tabernacle, the Performing Arts Center and other venues. You’ll find symphony, jazz, folk, hymn sings, all forms of popular music and much more.

For a unique musical experience, consider catching a Vineyard Sound performance.  For over 20 years, this a capella group has been entertaining island visitors and residents with their lively performances. The group consists of young men from several colleges around the country. Group membership changes over the years, as the singers graduate from college and take on full-time jobs. While the singers change, the group’s tradition of providing quality summer entertainment continues year after year.

When school gets out, the singers arrive on the island for the summer. They practice long hours to perfect their routine for the season, which includes a selection of songs (jazz, pop, indie, etc.). They sing well, they have fun, and the audience has a great time. You might like them so much that you’ll want to see them again. Don’t worry about being bored. The group changes up their routine for each performance to keep things interesting.

Where to find a performance on the island

You can attend shows in several island locations. If you are really lucky, you’ll wander onto an impromptu concert on the street.

If you are visiting Martha’s Vineyard this summer and want to catch a show, check out the Vineyard Sound website for their calendar.

Other ideas for Martha’s Vineyard visits

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